House fire/ Secor Rd.
By Member Jack Casey
December 30, 2018

A little past 5pm, Saturday afternoon, the Mahopac Falls Fire Dept. received a call for smoke in a house on Secor Rd.. Rolling out with a full structure fire assignment, Mahopac Falls Fire, Heavy Rescue, EMS and Fire Police converged on the scene with all equipment from both stations, along with Carmel Police Officer Chris Fox. First on the scene was Chief Brian Sacher, taking Incident Command with Asst. Chief Jeff Boyle and Asst. Chief Bob Trace sharing the Scene Operations, with Batt.#16 Shawn Keeler, Batt.#18 George Waehler and EMStar Paramedics on the scene. Putting out a call for Putnam Valley Fire and FASTeam to respond to the scene and putting Mahopac Fire in the Falls headquarters on standby, a call for the Putnam County Fire Investigation team rounded out the need for outside units. First in fire crews found heavy smoke in the structure as they entered, but little fire was found.

Owners of the home were on the scene, staying close to their dogs, just returning them from the groomer. EMTs from the EMS unit kept a watchful eye on the owners as fire crews worked around them. Fire Police closed one lane of Secor Rd. allowing fire trucks access. People are again requested to SLOW DOWN when emergency vehicles are operating in the roadway.

The police and fire investigations continue at this time