Wednesday Night Drill
By Elle Nistico, PIO
November 18, 2021

Last night’s drill was a simple but effective drill. Members were split into 4 stations and spent a designated amount of time at each station to practice their skills.

The first station was taught by Lieutenant Dwyer. Dwyer reviewed our most used knots and then each member in the group had a chance to practice approximately 7 different knots.

The second station was led by Captain Ward and Lieutenant Scagnelli. Together Ward and Scagnelli reviewed and practiced the steps members need to take in order to deploy and tie off their bailout hooks and webbing under multiple conditions.

Thirdly, we had Lieutenant Kelly and our EMS officers go over our procedures for packaging a victim for transport in a stokes basket or on a backboard. Members once again had the opportunity to practice knots as they secured the victim into the stokes basket with webbing.
Lastly, members visited Lieutenant Johnson at station 4 to practice folding and strapping a 100ft hotel pack. They also spent some additional time reviewing the breakaway nozzle when used for extending the hose line.

These drills may seem like simple drills, but our amazing Captains and Lieutenants put a lot of time and effort into structuring the training and making our Wednesday night drill fun and successful.