Wednesday Night Drill
By Ellen Nistico, PIO
October 21, 2021

Wednesday Night’s drill was our first drill back since the swearing-in of our newly elected officers. The drill led by Lt Dan Johnson was a simple but effective one.

Members were split into groups of 4 and rotated between 3 stations. The first was practicing dropping and securing a driveway line, stretching, and flaking 200ft of cross lay, radio operations, and then re-racking to start all over again.

The second station was managed by Lt. Dwyer and Lt. Kelly. Together they assisted members with setting up and flaking 100ft of the hose line, radio operations, advancing the line 50ft while standing and flowing water as well as advancing the line 50ft while crawling and flowing water.

Lastly, we had Lt. Scagnelli reviewing drafting operations with new and old members. He also reviews pump discharge pressure and pressure relief valves.

These types of drills are important drills as they give members of all experience levels a chance to learn and/or refresh their skills. It also gives our newly elected officers a chance to learn the ropes while teaching what they know.

We are all excited to work with the officers over the next years and can’t wait to see how they lead the membership.