Action-Packed Wednesday Night Drill
By Elle Nistico
June 2, 2021

We couldn’t have asked for better weather for our weekly training. Our Wednesday night drill was an action-packed drill and was broken into two scenarios.

The first scenario was a mock call for a structure fire with a confirmed person trapped and another one possibly inside. Once firefighters safely located and removed the first victim, they went on to search for the possible second. The search turned up negative but a MAYDAY was called for a missing firefighter. The appropriate MAYDAY steps were taken, and the firefighter was removed and treated by EMS.

The second scenario was from a mock caller reporting a loud bang, then visible flames in the basement. Firefighters got to work upon arrival and were able to practice the use of the Thermal Imaging Camera, as well as forceable entry. As the drill progressed, firefighters were able to begin a search utilizing our “maze”. Another MAYDAY was called, and the firefighter went into cardiac arrest. The firefighter was removed, and EMS were able to practice their Firefighter CPR skills.

These types of drills are important for our members as it closely resembles the difficulties they can face at any call.
We train every Wednesday and each week our Lieutenants focus on a different skill or type of call. It is important for us to switch it up and run through scenarios to keep our skills up to date. Last night was a busy night as both Fire and EMS members were able to put their skills to use and our Deputy Chiefs were able to offer constructive feedback and make notes of areas that need improvement.

“Don’t practice until you get it right, practice until you can’t get it wrong”

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