Rollover on West Lake Blvd.
By Jack Casey
May 17, 2019

Mahopac Falls Fire, EMS, Heavy Rescue and Fire Police were dispatched to a serious car accident/rollover in front of 124 West Lake Blvd. Chief Brian Sacher took Incident Command for the second time in six hours as Capt. Chris Tompkins handled Operations. Fire Police closed the road once all vehicles were on the scene. Damage to three properties along the lake road was apparent and units realized that they may be in for severe trauma of the patients. The lone occupant was out of the vehicle and stable. Multiple Carmel Police units were on the scene as were the medics from EMStar. The driver was transported to the hospital by Mahopac Falls ambulance and once the car was loaded on to the flatbed, Fire Police opened the road to traffic.

Busy day! Thanks, Jack Casey PIO, Mahopac Falls VFD