motorcycle down
By Member Jack Casey
April 7, 2019

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4-7-2019 10am

A call for a motorcycle down brought out the full compliment of emergency services to the area in front of Red Mills Market on Rt.6N Sunday morning. Mahopac Falls Fire, EMS and Fire Police, along with multiple units from Carmel Police and Paramedics from EMStar arrived with in minutes of the dispatch. Upon arrival, MFVFD EMS found one patient, down on the side of Rt 6N and started triage and treatment. Chiefs' Sacher and Boyle set up the Incident Command center as Capt. Dan Meury took charge of Operations, coordinating Fire Police roadblocks at Hill St. & 6N and 6N & Luccaro Lane. Paramedics and EMT's took charge of the injured person and headed to Westchester Medical Center as Carmel Police continued their accident investigation. As the ambulance cleared the scene, Fire Police units took down the roadblocks allowing traffic to get back to normal.