A new cane for Mr. Bill
By Member Jack Casey
December 28, 2018

We have lived through years of the "Me" generation, but today, the members of the MFVFD said goodbye to those and welcomed the "US" generation. One of the senior members, fondly known as the "Geezers", was healing from the effects of a fall suffered some months back. Other Geezers signed up to help transport Bill Heckett to physical therapy in Jefferson Valley. Unknown to us, the younger members also started paying extra attention to Mr.Bill. When he graduated from using a walker to a cane, the "kids" got together to acknowledge his strides. A custom made cane was procured from the grandfather, a gifted woodworker, of members Casey and Tara Stiller. The cost was covered by each of the kids pitching in. The presentation was made at morning coffee, where the problems of the world are discussed and solved. The pride of being a member of the Mahopac Falls Vol. Fire Dept. was shared by firefighters and EMT's who are in just a few years to the seasoned "Old Guard" with 50 years of service to their credit. Stepping up to help a Brother made the difference of years seem to disappear. As our motto reads, "With Pride, We Serve".....and today, you made us proud.