10-50 (PIAA) Rt. 6N at the County Line
By Jack Casey
October 15, 2018

Just after noon, Monday, Mahopac Falls Fire, EMS and Fire Police, along with a second EMS unit from Mohegan VAC and multiple units from Carmel Police, were dispatched to a two-car accident with injury at Rt. 6N and the Westchester County line. Responding Fire Police units closed the road at 6N and Green Lane and south at 6N and Old Rt 6 in Jefferson Valley. Incident Commander Chief Brian Sacher, first on the scene, found the scene under the control of Senator Terrance Murphy and his Chief of Staff Matt Slater, who happened to drive up on it. Car victims were checked, 911 was called and traffic was slowed to a safe speed by the pair. With the arrival of Mahopac Falls and Mohegan VAC apparatus, personnel began triage , finding one driver with a minor leg injury and the other refusing treatment. With both vehicles having to be towed from the scene, it was prudent to keep the road closed until an 'all clear' was issued and traffic could resume safely.