Mahopac Falls VOL. Fire Dept. Takes Delivery of New Fire Prevention Safety Trailer
By Ex-Chief Ann Link
February 10, 2018

On Friday January 19th 2018 The Mahopac Falls Volunteer Fire Department has taken delivery of a new Fire Prevention Safety Educational Trailer. The new Fire Prevention Safety Trailer will use realistic scenarios to teach children how to react to fire related emergencies in the safety of a training environment. This unit is custom built with the latest technology such as warming interior doors to teach children to feel for heat before opening, smoke detector/Fire alarm activation props, fireplace prop, and a stove top cooking fire prop.

The new trailer will feature Kitchen Fire Scenarios: A portion of the trailer was built to resemble a home kitchen, allowing children to gain hands-on experience in how to put out a kitchen fire. This scenario uses heat, smoke, sound effects, and digital flames and simulates the use of a fire extinguisher. The new trailer also features a Bedroom Scenario: The trailer is designed to resemble a child's bedroom and helps educate children how to feel a door for heat, and how to evacuate safely through the window using an escape ladder. Additional features include an electrical outlet to simulate electrical fire hazards, sounds, smoke, fire effects, an interactive emergency phone, and smoke detectors to help create the emergency setting.

The Fire Prevention Safety Trailer is one of the most unique and valuable tools firefighters have for teaching public fire safety education. Each year, firefighters from the Mahopac Falls Fire Department Fire Prevention program teach approximately 1,000 children about fire prevention and this new piece of equipment will be a vital asset to the community for many years to come.

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herman tempelman February 10, 2018 at 11:37 AM
The trailer is a great tool! Should save lives!

Keep up the good work!